Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fever, Fever, Go Away!

Abby is back in her own room now. They have moved her a couple times and given her a few different roommates which has been hard to deal with. She has had lots and lots of visitors which she absolutely loves! She has had a fever off and on the last few days and the doctors still aren't sure why. The last few days it has gone away during the day but comes back at night. All of the cultures and tests they have done have come back really good. The doctors said today that there is still some fluid in the chest cavity around the lungs which is most likely the cause. They are keeping her on the same medication until Monday and if she still has a fever then they will switch to a different antibiotic.

She is still progressing and went on a long walk with her physical therapist today. Every day she seems to do a little bit better. They are just so ready to be out of the hospital and go home! I am with Kim in worrying about Jeni too. She needs rest and some stress relief so bad! Hopefully Abby will do really well this weekend and they will be able to come home next week. Remember to keep them in your prayers!


Bennett Family said...

Still praying in Indiana! So glad to hear you are doing so much better now Abby. Hopefully you will be home soon.

JCTJCK said...

Still worrying and praying in California. I hope she can be home soon for everyone's sake.
Love Cami

lisa said...

I'm so glad you guys started this blog, I've been checking it everyday. I sure hope she heals and can get home soon. Sending lots of love and prayers her way!

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