Friday, March 4, 2011

Abby is Home at Last!

I'm so sorry I haven't updated this in a while. Abby suprised us all and came home Tuesday night! Thank you all for praying her home. They really needed to get out of there. I've been so busy hanging out with Abby and Jeni that I haven't even thought about posting an update. Abby is so glad to be home and her emotions were overflowing when she pulled up. Stacey and Lauren Bruno decorated the driveway with balloons and signs which Abby just loved.

Jeni is now her full time caretaker which is a very huge and stressful job. She will be slowly weaning her off of all the medications until the end of March. Abby is still super weak and constantly adjusting to the changes in medication. She has a long way to go so keep her in your prayers! Jeni's ward has been so awesome at bringing them dinners so thank you to all who have helped them in any way. She can only have a limited amount of visitors at a time and can't be around anyone who is sick at all so please call Jeni before visiting.


JCTJCK said...

I have been worried about her. That is awesome. I hope my Mom and Lisa get a chance to see her. Yeah that is so awesome. I hope she can get her strength back. That is alot to go through. We love ya. SHe is lucky to have you close by.

Heather Wells said...

Yay! That is good news! Thanks for keeping us posted.

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