Friday, March 4, 2011

Abby is Home at Last!

I'm so sorry I haven't updated this in a while. Abby suprised us all and came home Tuesday night! Thank you all for praying her home. They really needed to get out of there. I've been so busy hanging out with Abby and Jeni that I haven't even thought about posting an update. Abby is so glad to be home and her emotions were overflowing when she pulled up. Stacey and Lauren Bruno decorated the driveway with balloons and signs which Abby just loved.

Jeni is now her full time caretaker which is a very huge and stressful job. She will be slowly weaning her off of all the medications until the end of March. Abby is still super weak and constantly adjusting to the changes in medication. She has a long way to go so keep her in your prayers! Jeni's ward has been so awesome at bringing them dinners so thank you to all who have helped them in any way. She can only have a limited amount of visitors at a time and can't be around anyone who is sick at all so please call Jeni before visiting.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fever, Fever, Go Away!

Abby is back in her own room now. They have moved her a couple times and given her a few different roommates which has been hard to deal with. She has had lots and lots of visitors which she absolutely loves! She has had a fever off and on the last few days and the doctors still aren't sure why. The last few days it has gone away during the day but comes back at night. All of the cultures and tests they have done have come back really good. The doctors said today that there is still some fluid in the chest cavity around the lungs which is most likely the cause. They are keeping her on the same medication until Monday and if she still has a fever then they will switch to a different antibiotic.

She is still progressing and went on a long walk with her physical therapist today. Every day she seems to do a little bit better. They are just so ready to be out of the hospital and go home! I am with Kim in worrying about Jeni too. She needs rest and some stress relief so bad! Hopefully Abby will do really well this weekend and they will be able to come home next week. Remember to keep them in your prayers!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I hope no one minds me updating a little too. :)

I hung out with Abby and Jeni today and it was so nice to see Abby in a much better state!  Jeni said she had a lot more energy yesterday and maybe overdid it a little in physical therapy and other around-the-hospital activities.  She was pretty sore and tired this morning.  But's such an improvement from last steps, right?!

The low grade fever that she had last night and this morning went down while I was there this morning, so that was good.  The doctor said she would keep an eye on it anyways, but didn't seem too worried about it.  Let's hope it's not another infection of any kind!

Abby let me paint her nails this morning, so if she is up for that and even thinking that it would be something nice to do, you know she is doing a lot better!

I'm sure it is no fun being in the hospital, especially now that they are sharing a room with a teenager who likes to watch "Saw IV" (nice!) but at least she's not with a crying baby, so hopefully she can get the rest/sleep she needs.  I'm just hoping Jeni will get some sleep soon too!  I'm worried about her too.  It's hard watching people you care about go through a hard time.  They are lucky to have so many friends and family that care about them.

Sayonara ICU!

Abby was moved out of the ICU and into a regular room late Tuesday night (February 22nd). She now has more freedom to move around and is able to have visitors her age which she loves! It was quite the moral boost for her. She is continuing to make great progress and is even eating on her own now. My Dad (Abby's Pa Pa) told me it was so good to see her eat a piece of pizza yesterday.

Last night she got another fever though and the doctors are still not sure why. They removed the deep IV line out of her arm because that is a possible cause. Now Abby just takes the antibiotics in pill form. I think the only tube she has left now is the feeding tube and they are hoping to get it off today. Abby is so anxious to come home and is working really hard with all of her therapists to get home as quickly as possible (hopefully by this coming Tuesday at the latest).

Keep praying her home!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Happy Day :)

I was able to visit Abby today and it was sooooo good to be able to talk to her! She is doing so much better. While I was there, two doctors and a nurse all came in her room at different times with their jaw dropped to the floor! They couldn't believe how much progress she has made and how great she looked. Yesterday was her first really good day and her first day truly back and cleared of sedation medications. She was really weak and had a hard time even lifting her head. Abby was so touched by all of her cards, balloons, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows and gifts. She was so happy to know how much everyone cares for her and misses her! Thank you to all sent them!

Abby has made even more progress today. She is breathing just fine and has been able to slowly start eating again. If she makes enough progress they can take out the feeding tube tomorrow. She walked around the ICU with a walker and sat in a chair and beaded a necklace while I was there. She is ready to be moved out of the ICU and into a room but they are waiting on an available room. Hopefully tomorrow she will be out of the ICU for good!! Once she is in a regular room she will be able to have more visitors and she LOVES visitors! She is missing her family and friends so much.

I knew she would recover amazingly fast and be so strong. I am so grateful that we will have our Abby back home again soon. I was so humbled and touched by her positive attitude about everything and her courage today. I thought the last place I would ever visit Abby would be the hospital. It is just not right to see a girl so full of life and energy in a hospital bed. Luckily she is so strong and I know she will work so hard to get better and get out of there. I love you so much Abby and can't wait for you to come home!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome Back Abby!

Abby is coming back to reality and it was so good to see her awake and hear her voice today. She looks so much better and is continuing to make progress. Abby is becoming more and more conscience and aware of her surroundings. The doctors are continuing to wean her off of all the sedation and pain medications. Abby has been really restless and uncomfortable. She is still pretty delirious from the medications so Jeni and Mike are constantly calming her down and explaining what is going on and where she is. She has said some pretty funny things in her delirium today. She has asked several times where she is and if she is downstairs. When Jeni explained she was in the hospital she told Jeni it couldn't be the hospital because it wasn't fancy enough and hospitals were fancy. She also might have mentioned that she was in "pure hell." We don't know where she would have learned that phrase. I'm sure she picked it up in the hospital this week. :) She keeps asking who all the "people" (nurses and doctors) are and tells Jeni to get them out. She just wants to go home so bad. I'm sure she will be out of there in no time!

We hope to see you home soon!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No More Machines!

Prayers continue to be answered and Abby is continuing to make huge steps. They took her off of the ventilator this morning so she is breathing all on her own now! It is definitely labored breathing with lots of coughing but she is progressing so well. She has also been able to stay off of dialysis.

They have been slowly reducing all the sedation medications today. She has been in and out of it all day long and is really struggling to understand what is going on. Mike said her first words were, "Let's go home." As far as Abby knows it is February 12th (last Saturday) at Mercy Gilbert hospital. Really pray for her and her parents tonight. It is going to be a really challenging few days for all of them. She is certainly headed in the right direction though. I can't wait to go and talk to you Abby!

Hang in there Abby! I know its going to be just miserable for awhile but you can do it!