Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Update

I wanted to let everyone know that Abby is off of dialysis now! They took her off at around 10:30am this morning and she is doing great. They will continue to monitor her and make sure she is removing fluid on her own so keep praying that she will be able to stay off of that machine! The physical therapist saw Abby again today and said she is still doing just awesome as far as her muscles go.

The ventilator is now on support mode and is there if she needs it but Abby is now breathing on her own again! Yay! They are slowing weaning her off of the sedation medications and are planning on removing the ventilator tomorrow morning if all goes well! So many prayers are continually being answered! One more huge mountain to climb tomorrow and then she will be well on her way out of the ICU!

Keep up the amazing progress Abby! We can't wait to visit and talk to you!


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