Thursday, February 24, 2011


I hope no one minds me updating a little too. :)

I hung out with Abby and Jeni today and it was so nice to see Abby in a much better state!  Jeni said she had a lot more energy yesterday and maybe overdid it a little in physical therapy and other around-the-hospital activities.  She was pretty sore and tired this morning.  But's such an improvement from last steps, right?!

The low grade fever that she had last night and this morning went down while I was there this morning, so that was good.  The doctor said she would keep an eye on it anyways, but didn't seem too worried about it.  Let's hope it's not another infection of any kind!

Abby let me paint her nails this morning, so if she is up for that and even thinking that it would be something nice to do, you know she is doing a lot better!

I'm sure it is no fun being in the hospital, especially now that they are sharing a room with a teenager who likes to watch "Saw IV" (nice!) but at least she's not with a crying baby, so hopefully she can get the rest/sleep she needs.  I'm just hoping Jeni will get some sleep soon too!  I'm worried about her too.  It's hard watching people you care about go through a hard time.  They are lucky to have so many friends and family that care about them.


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