Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome Back Abby!

Abby is coming back to reality and it was so good to see her awake and hear her voice today. She looks so much better and is continuing to make progress. Abby is becoming more and more conscience and aware of her surroundings. The doctors are continuing to wean her off of all the sedation and pain medications. Abby has been really restless and uncomfortable. She is still pretty delirious from the medications so Jeni and Mike are constantly calming her down and explaining what is going on and where she is. She has said some pretty funny things in her delirium today. She has asked several times where she is and if she is downstairs. When Jeni explained she was in the hospital she told Jeni it couldn't be the hospital because it wasn't fancy enough and hospitals were fancy. She also might have mentioned that she was in "pure hell." We don't know where she would have learned that phrase. I'm sure she picked it up in the hospital this week. :) She keeps asking who all the "people" (nurses and doctors) are and tells Jeni to get them out. She just wants to go home so bad. I'm sure she will be out of there in no time!

We hope to see you home soon!!


Kara B said...

Thanks for the daily updates Lyndsey! I check it every day. We are happy to hear she is doing well. She is a strong little girl! Love you all down there!!

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